Living My Life Likes It’s Golden; 1 Sip at a Time

When relocating to a new city, state or country , you are always quickly pressed to immediately shift from tourist mode to resident. You soon become so focused on life and the day to day operation that accompany it that you miss out on the little gems and adventures your new home has to offer.

Many times, I’ve heard tourist speak on partaking in golden treats at the Emirates Palace during their visits to Abu Dhabi. I decided that after two years, it was finally my turn to indulge in my very own 24kt delicacy. Since drinking on gold isn’t something many get the chance to do, I decided I wanted to share a cup of joe with the world.

Not only did I give my Periscope followers the chance to interact with me as a sipped on my golden cappuccino, but I also shared with them a great opportunity to travel around the world in 30 minutes. I was blessed to pair up with to other awesome women who were located in other countries. Roni (The Travel Guru) an avid traveler who was taking time out in Hollywood and Kia (Black Mom in Vietnam) who currently lives abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam with her daughter.

From our respective countries, in a consecutive manner, we each gave periscope followers a peek of our lives around the world as well as a review of the coffee in each country.


Check out my 11 minute Periscope segment from the Caviar Bar (Emirates Palace) in Abu Dhabi.

For those that had never heard of or used Periscope, it is an app that allows users to broadcast live  to viewers around the world. It also allows viewers to interact in real time by typing in their questions to the host during the broadcast.


Afterwards, I took a stroll around the Emirates Palace and marvelled at the attention to detail used in this luxurious five star hotel.

Tanai Benard

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