4 Deep’s Children’s Book Review on Periscope

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 The Priceless Pact

Author: Ericka English

Illustrator: Chelsea Manak

Rockwall, TX USA

Summary: The Priceless Pact is the story of a young girl who is tormented by bullies. While Michelle doesn’t own the most fashionable clothes or quite understand how to tame her curly hair, her outlook changes when a new student, Elyse, enters her class. Elyse with her unique style and unmistakeable self confidence offers a nonviolent approach to handling bullies. By making a pact with Elyse, to think more highly of herself, Michelle gains confidence and a real friend.

What is the inspiration behind then book?

My inspiration for the book stemmed from my own experience being bullied as a child. That experience changed the way I view friendship which affects a lot of my relationships to this day. Standing up for yourself is merely one-third of of the battle, the other part is instilling confidence in our children and empowering them. The last part is setting the tone of accountability. You see, by law if someone witnesses a crime and does nothing to stop it or doesn’t report it, that person is also held responsible. We should treat bullying the same way. We need to stand up for others. If we don’t, bullies on the playground could very well become bullies in the board room, or the court room.

Where can The Priceless Pact be purchased?

Books may be purchased on Amazon.com, barnesansnoble.com, as an e-book or by contacting the author directly: ericka.english@gmail.com.

Who was your most influential teacher?

My most influential teacher was Mrs. Patty Calhoun. She was my second grade teacher and the reason I write today. In second grade we learned how to draft letters and she encouraged us to write and mail letters to her over the summer. I wrote her almost every summer until I graduated college. She inspired me to communicate and express myself by writing and I’ve turned it into a very lucrative and rewarding career.

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The Adventures of the J.E.T.S – Mug of War

Author: LaDreka D. Vaughn

Houston, TX

The Adventures of the J.E.T.s is one in a series of stories about how exciting it is to actually get outside and enjoy childhood. Trissy, Frankie, Todante, Juspin, and Emily will take you on an adventure in the neighborhood where they all call home. In the Adventures of the J.E.T.s, author LaDreka D. Vaughn will expose children to the escapades that lie within their imagination and the possibility of making them a reality. Inspiration behind the book: the inspiration behind my book is my two boys; Tryston and Emory and my nephew, Jaspin. They always seem to find themselves in the midst of an adventure so I thought I’d turn it into a book to hopefully encourage other kids to get outside and have adventures of their own!

Do you have any other children’s books available for purchase?

Not yet; however, the Adventures of the J.E.T.S will be a series!

Where can your book be purchased? You may purchase the Adventures of the J.E.T.S on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from the publisher’s website at the link below:


What is your biggest fear? Why?

My biggest fear is failing as a mother. I work very hard to expose my boys to opportunities that I didn’t have or knew was available to me. I try to teach them life lessons that turns them into thinkers and doers vs followers and watchers. My hope is that it is not all done in vain! When they become adults, I want them to reflect back on their childhood and say that I prepared them for life!

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Spirals of Love and Other Poems for Children (On Amazon, the actual title is Spirals of Sunshine)
The book can be purchased online via Amazon
Author and Illustrator:
Author: (Lisa Artis, Mom)
Illustrators: (Kaiyah and Leilani)
Country we reside in: United States of America
Currently, our state of residence is Florida, but we are in the process of moving to Michigan. 
Summary of Book:
Spirals of Love is a book of poems for children about nature and the joys of imagination. 
Inspiration behind the book: 
My girls (Kaiyah and Leilani) have always enjoyed drawing and taking pictures of the world around them. We thought it would be a wonderful idea for us to create an E-book highlighting their experiences and to use their very own artwork as illustrations. I wanted them to have fond memories of growing up in Florida: the state of their birth. Each poem represents a space and time that will always be special for them and me!
What is your dream destination and why?
New Zealand (Mom) Why? The culture and expansive beauty of New Zealand is very appealing to me and I’d love to visit someday. I also find it interesting how their seasons are totally opposite of ours here in North America.
Paris: (Kaiyah) Why? I like the fashion, the food and the culture, and I’d love to visit the Eiffel tower.
Hawaii: (Leilani) Why? I would like to visit the beaches, see a real live Luau and Hula dancing. Also, my name is Hawaiian and it means “wreath of flowers and heavenly child” which also made me interested in visiting.
If you have a children’s book that you would like for 4 Deep to review on our Periscope session, please email TanaiBenard (AT) gmail.com

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    1. Hello how are you, am one of the ladies in the class today with Erica of Graphic Gurl just want to say thank you for your talk via video and may God continue to bless you and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thanks again Annie Frasier.


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