This Is Your World, Roam Free: An Open Letter to my Junior Nomads

Dear Offspring,
I attempt to allow you three to freely roam, as long as your clothes are clean and match, teeth are brushed and hair is combed. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to put on lotion. Other than that YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Stay up until 3 am on the weekends if you want. Play video games for thirty five minutes and not the thirty minutes as research suggest. Because we all know that children who play Xbox for 35 minutes a day can carry a violent trait and those who play for only thirty minutes are smarter than their counterparts (*sarcasm*).


What the heck, shoot some hoops outside in the driveway with your friends at midnight. Bake a creation that not even I knew you were capable of. Who cares, just do you, be well mannered and look presentable doing it because as Grandmi says, “You represent me”!


PicMonkey Collage
All I ask is that you:

1. Watch and learn from your environment.

2. Don’t bring home anything less than a B on your report card. Anything less than an 84 is too close to a C so be prepared to explain. I may make an exception for Arabic and French class.

3. Remember Yeah/Nah and head nods do not constitute a proper response. Speak my child, speak!

4.Yes sir and yes ma’am will get you far in life no matter the race, class or ethnicity of the person being addressed.

5. Never forget, where you come from does not dictate who you are.

Being born into the welfare system does not deem you incapable of succeeding. Better yet, it should encourage you to strive for greatness.

 6. Seize every moment in this opportunity you have and be great.


7. Leave your footprints in the CONCRETE

Make sure every step you take, carries so much impact that you leave an unforgettable impression on the world. At times, the window of opportunity may look small. Please remember to not focus on the size of the window but the opportunity of greatness that lies on the other side of it.


8. With respect, continue to challenge me and my knowledge and understand that my word is not always the holy grail although sometimes it is. *Tread lightly when applying said rule.*

 9. Know that sometimes I have to make things up as I go because I have seemingly misplaced my “How to Raise Productive Black Children as a Single Parent while Living Abroad” manual. So Oreos and milk for breakfast is okay sometimes. Chocolate is a veggie and milk is a great source of protein. What a great way to start the day.


10. At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. In hard times, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Pop your collar and keep it moving. Take note of your misguided steps and never look back.


11. Learn from your mistakes. As life continues, I can only suggest to you which path I feel may be best. However, I will respectfully allow you to write each chapter of your own book instead of reciting the words of mine. I will eventually let go of your hand. You are not me and I will not attempt to live my dreams and aspirations through you. As you grow, I remain confident that in time your decisions will reflect the teachings I have instilled in you.


12. Remain carefree and open minded. As you continue on with life, you will encounter people, media and other factors that may negatively attempt to sway the way you feel about a particular culture, area of the world and even a certain race. Never forget these days that as a child you remained open to embracing new experiences and all people of this vast land.

 11207377_10205697548971652_5528402254746374006_n (1)


13. Just know that no matter what, and despite the fact that our situation is unlike most WE GON’ BE AIGHT!

 My loves, Mommy cannot always be there to hold your hand but I am happy that you are becoming YOU on your own terms despite what and who the world tries to make you or the labels they try to attach. You have the making of Kings and Queens within you. Your individual personalities are shining brighter by the day, and I am so proud to have the honor of being your mother.

Whether your roaming the streets of Bangkok or sleeping in the deserts of Dubai always continue to ROAM and be FREE.


As you roam, remember that it is not the quantity of passport stamps you acquire but the quality of the experience on the journey traveled that will mold you.



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6 thoughts on “This Is Your World, Roam Free: An Open Letter to my Junior Nomads

  1. I love #7 and #8 (check yo self). Great list or lessons to pass on to the kiddos. You’re doing a wonderful job.


  2. Enjoyed your writings and various profound thoughts. Inspiring! They reflect a person who does not take herself and life lightly. Fortunate children to have such an intelligent, thoughtful, kind, generous, loving mom. May they respect you, love you, and be grateful for the God-given talents their mom can share on life’s journey to Greatness. Blessings on you all!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing this, it has made me tear eyed. As I google for some hope on this journey of mine i stumble across your Blog. x


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