#DatingTanai Ep.5 Pt.2: Meeting My Mom’s Boyfriend

The first video chat

On a random day in life,  my brother and I were doing the usual and my sister was out with some of her friends. My mom had told us that we were going to do a video chat with her boyfriend and his two little girls, but we never thought that it would be so soon. So she yells the normal thing when she wants us to come to her “Zavien Dezmond come done!” If you ever had any siblings you would probably already know what we did. We raced to her. When we got there, she said something along the lines of Do you guys want to do a video chat now and met my boyfriend or do y’all want to wait for Iyanna to get here and then do it?” We both said that we would like to do it now and she called him on her computer.

The video chat conversations

When he picked up I was shocked. He looked like a man who took care of himself very well and I knew instantly that he was a very well respected individual. I also knew that he was very blessed and humble because of the way he greeted us and by the way he used his manners. We had the normal conversation you would have when you first met someone. He asked us some questions and we asked him some. Then when I saw his girls I knew that they would be very energetic.

Our long drive there

Months later, it was time to finally met them. We left our house at around nine in the morning and we stopped at a Walmart near our house to get some breakfast and some snacks for the road.


After that, our long drive to North Carolina started. Our plan was that every 3 hours we would make a pit stop to fill up with gas and to use the bathroom. Let me tell you and trust me on this that was the most uncomfortable ride I ever had. Anyways, we made it to Atlanta around 11 pm.

The first time we met him


The next morning, we left Atlanta and drove a few more hours to North Carolina. It was very early and cold when we got there. We knocked on his door. Once he opened it, he gave my mom and sister a huge and my brother and I a handshake. His two little girls were very shy at first, but it wasn’t long until we started playing tag and hide and go seek. When I tell you these girls can run they can run. Like I thought that I was going to have to do that slow baby run you would do to the little ones but nah they got me breaking a full sprint in the house trying to catch them. Then we watched some basketball before bed.

The next day I was very sick and could hardly stand but he took us to go see Jumanji. After the movies, he treated us to a frozen yogurt place. I was so tired and could barely stand. I started eating and then the whole spoon fell back into the bowl. I couldn’t finish my yogurt. It sucked to be sick during our visit.

Once we returned to his house, I took me a nice little nap and woke up to a Celtics vs Rockets game. It was New Year’s Eve and I was sleep before midnight.

The next day came and we had to leave so we said our goodbyes. My stay there was very cool.

I should add that I love my food and this man can cook some real food.

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