#DatingTanai Ep.5 Pt.3: Meeting Mommy’s Boyfriend


A few months ago, my mom had told us she was dating a guy and she wanted us to meet him over a video chat. Before the chat, she told us a little background story on him like his name, how many children he had, their names, ages, and where he lived! At this point, in my mind, I’m thinking how long they’ve been dating and are my brother, sister and I about to really meet my mom’s boyfriend.

We got on the video chat with him and he seemed like an interesting guy. We started to have a cool but awkward conversation with him. During the chat, we also met two of his daughters. They were very shy at first but after some time and more video chats they opened up more.

Finally, the time came for us to all meet. I wasn’t expecting much going to North Carolina to meet him really, but meeting a fun person with a good sense of humor.

The day before New Year’s Eve, we finally met my mom’s boyfriend. It was a nice welcome to his home and off the bat, you could tell that his twin daughters were very energetic because after giving us hugs they shot upstairs to play. Then they started to hide and my brother and I tried to find and catch them. Later we used most of our energy playing tag and hide n seek in the dark the rest of that night.

In the morning we had delicious crepes that he made for us with a strawberry filling to put in the crepe. He also made us bacon that everyone ate and they only left one bacon for me but I slept in so that was on me. 20171229_085640.jpg

He showed me how to make egg rolls for dinner. It felt like I accomplished one of my cooking goals. They were really tasty.


Around noon we all loaded up and went to the movies to watch Jumanji which was hilarious and I highly recommend you watch it with your children. Then we went to Sweet Frogs a yogurt place where you pick what flavor you want and you can mix flavors and pick your toppings. On mine, I had cotton candy yogurt with dark chocolate flakes and peanut M&M’s and for the rest of the day, we stayed in the house since it was fairly cold outside.

When we got back, the girls and I went outside with him to play in the backyard. We had a chance to throw the football that I brought with me. That was fun but it was cold.


That night, I stayed up until New Years by myself listening to fireworks and watching YouTube because I was bored and everyone else was sleep.

Overall, I had a good time in North Carolina and enjoyed meeting him. He’s pretty nice.

Thanks for reading my article

Written by Zavien Floyd

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