70 Life Skills Your Teen Needs Before Leaving Home

In less than thirty days with two birthdays on the horizon, this clan will have 5 teenagers. Yes, five out of our seven kiddos will be/are TEENAGERS! As parents, we spend a lot of time ensuring that our teens are fully equipped with the life skills that are needed to flourish in adulthood. This is a progressive list and we don’t expect them to hit thirteen and have all of a sudden mastered all SEVENTY of these skills. However, it is our hope that by the time they leave the nest, they are highly informed on what it takes to not only sustain a healthy quality of life on their own but to be successful.

Here are 70 Life Skills Your Teen Should Know Before Leaving Home:

  1. How to properly address an envelope
  2. How to read a map without the use of Waze, Google Maps or any other map app
  3. How to pay a bill
  4. Understand how to create and utilize a budget
  5. Know their SSN number
  6. Know their parent’s phone number by memory
  7. How to write their signature
  8. How to use a dictionary or encyclopedia (sans Google)
  9. How to properly wash, fold and iron their clothes
  10. Cook a balanced meal! (Ramen Noodles does not count as a balanced meal, LOL)
  11. How to deposit a check
  12. How to take public transport home if they lost their cellphone
  13. How to change a tire or check oil levels
  14. How to read a second-hand watch
  15. How to properly self-advocate
  16. What a credit report and credit score is
  17. How to fill out a job application
  18. How to write a resume
  19. How to use a debit card/credit card machine/ ATM
  20. How to balance a checkbook/finances
  21. How to open a bank account
  22. Self Defense Techniques
  23. How to write a check and fill out a money order
  24. How to interview or be interviewed
  25. How to conduct themselves at a business lunch or dinner with dignitaries
  26. How to sew a button on their clothes.
  27. How to place a 911 call calmly
  28. How to share their own beliefs and respect the beliefs of others
  29. How to behave on a date (For our older teens)
  30. Understand the medical power of attorney
  31. Understand their parents will and how wills work
  32. Know their medical background and their maternal and paternal medical background
  33. Sex education 
  34. How to save, invest, and manage credit
  35. How to maintain personal hygiene
  36. Know the how and whys behind the physical changes they are experiencing and how to manage them
  37. Time Management Skills
  38. How to manage their stress
  39. How to create a self-care plan
  40. How to effectively communicate their feeling and deal with uncomfortable ones
  41. Social Media and Online Gaming Etiquette
  42. How to meal plan and grocery shop alone
  43. How to deal with failure
  44. Know table manners
  45. How to properly clean and disinfect a bathroom and kitchen
  46. How to pump gas
  47. How to properly write a professional email (Hey! is not a formal greeting and U is not equivalent to YOU)
  48. Know their home address
  49. How to make appointments
  50. How to fill out applications and forms
  51. How to show gratitude
  52. The effects of interest rates
  53. How to perform the Heimlich and basic first aid
  54. Know the phone number of their emergency contact (not just parents)
  55. Know the name of the closest hospital
  56. Know how to put out a grease fire
  57. How to use a fire extinguisher
  58. How to appropriately interact with the opposite sex
  59. How to implement conflict resolution
  60. How credit cards and loans work
  61. What their GPA really means
  62. Know that therapy is always an option
  63. Know the art of negotiation
  64. How to stay organized
  65. How to conduct a job search
  66. How to embrace change
  67. What to do if they are pulled over or addressed by police
  68. Know how to identify their self worth
  69. Know the importance of individuality
  70. Understand that minding their own business and drinking plenty of water will keep them out of a lot of unnecessary drama!


And yes I know that even as adults we encounter many of our highly capable peers who have yet to master some of these essential life skills! This is why I can’t stress enough the importance of teaching our children as much as we can before we offer them to the world to figure things out on their own.

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