3 Ways To Manifest The Life You Desire

I know I know, the word “manifest” has been thrown around loosely nowadays, but it truly is an amazing way to personally create the life you want. If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram for a while, then you could serve as a witness to how I’ve manifested everything from traveling the world down to a whole husband. Yes, a whole entire amazing husband!

Yes, it may sound like woo woo new age teachings, but manifesting uses the power of our thoughts to consciously affect and improve all areas of our lives. In reality, everything I’ve achieved so far in my life has partly been a result of manifesting to some extent. I have used my ideas and emotions to help propel me into action. Any action taken in my life did not happen without the initial thought motivating me to undertake it. With this in mind, I have compiled three key ways that have helped me to create the life that I have desired.

Be Clear & Specific

This goes without saying but you should be extremely clear and specific on the desires of your heart. Be honest with yourself! What do you really want out of life? What is your dream life? The sky is the absolute limit with this, truly imagine what would you want to achieve if there were no barriers to your success. If this is difficult to imagine or explore, try meditating for 10-15 minutes on what your dream life looks like. Think about all areas of your life; your wellness, your family’s wellness, career goals, dream home, dream lifestyle, etc. Focus on exactly what you desire, not just general statements.

For example, if you want a vacation, think about exactly what kind of vacation you want. Declare that you want a “month long relaxing vacation in the Caribbean, laying in the sand and swimming in the sea” rather than just “a vacation”. If you want just any ole man, sis, manifest on that and see what happens. You will get just that. LOL, JK! NO but serious!

When you’re specific, it gives your thoughts something exact to hold onto and visualize. It’s much more difficult to visualize your desires when you’re not exact and detailed with them. These specific desires will form the foundation for your manifestations, so they need to be totally clear on what you want. Before I even cross paths with my husband, I wrote that man out to a “T”. I manifested the things that mattered most to me when it came down to a potential mate. And, no you don’t have to write it out on Facebook to properly manifest. LOL


Next, is one of the hardest steps of all. Release all fears, doubts, and resentment towards your desires. This is essential because manifestation requires you to genuinely meet the universe halfway. You need to at least believe in yourself and your dreams, and the universe will then co-conspire to help you meet them and more! Releasing these negative feelings can be extremely difficult when the world, past experiences and other people unleash fears and doubts. For example, it’s hard to manifest a soul mate and healthy relationship if you are still harboring the pains and ill feelings from your last relationship.

Remeber that you must believe that whatever you are manifesting is possible for you. No matter how wild or out of the box it may seem. You must know what you desire and embrace it. Then, believe that you will get what you want because there can’t be success if you question yourself.

Manifestation requires you to genuinely meet the universe halfway.

Trust The Process

Lastly, put in the work and trust yourself. The whole first part is knowing what you want and believing that you deserve all you desire. The second part is to actually ensure that your actions follow your goals and desires. Manifesting is impossible unless you actually take some steps towards your future, the universe can only do so much on its own. Remind yourself of your dream life and make sure that you are taking some steps everyday that bring you closer to them.

It can be as small as drinking enough water everyday to manifest a healthier, happier you; or, it can be large like doing research 30 minutes everyday on a hobby or skill you want to get better at. Then, once you put in the work you must let go and trust yourself. If you continually question yourself and your progress, you’ll self-sabotage any manifesting that’s occurring.

Trust the universe and yourself! Know that you are worthy of all that you desire and that it’s on the way. Most importantly, if you complete these steps and the specific thing you’re trying to manifest still isn’t presenting yourself, then the universe either has something even better waiting for you or it simply wasn’t meant for you. I remind myself of this when things don’t go exactly according to plan, and so far things have manifested even better than I could have imagined.

Manifesting is impossible unless you actually take some steps towards your future, the universe can only do so much on its own.

Wishing you all the best of luck manifesting, and lots of love and support!

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