Welcome to the FAMILY!

Welcome to the FAMILY!

Recently, many of you had the chance to read a blog entry by Roni Faida (The Travel Guru) about the journey and adventures of 4 Deep (my crew). As well as the article featured on Huffington Post by Tenille Livingston. Since then I’ve been beautifully overwhelmed by the amount of Facebook shares, comments, and messages I’ve received.

It is overwhelmingly clear that people are ready to step out on faith. Continue reading “Welcome to the FAMILY!”

Tanai Benard & The Fabulous Four Deep Around The World Family, The Podcast!

Tanai Benard & The Fabulous Four Deep Around The World Family, The Podcast!

He really caught me off guard with alot of questions!

Actionable Adventures!

From to The Travel Guru to D.L. Hughley to Zane, Tanai and her family have been blazing trails all over the internet and the world!  We had a bread time talking about all of the things that went into her decision to take her children on a global adventure. We also spent time digging into the more precious, and deeper areas of the life she has now, and the life she was once resigned to.

Press Play!

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A few points we touched on:

  • Being a mother of 3 and how her exposing them to the world has changed them all!

  • The impact of wanting to live abroad on a marriage.

  • People perceptions on the Middle East and Ahbu Dhabi and how they conflict with the reality of her life there.

  • Renting yachts! (I never…

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