I-Promise Mentoring Program: Mentoring on a Global Level

Being a mother of young boys can often present itself with challenges. You constantly see and hear reminders from society expressing how in their opinion a mother can’t raise her son to be a man. It becomes detrimental to find your kings positive role models to aid in the molding of their character. Most think moving abroad would make this even more of a challenge. Thanks to brothers like Jahmeer Reynolds and his mentors at I-Promise, young expats and their mothers have men to turn.

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4 Deep’s Children’s Book Review on Periscope

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 The Priceless Pact

Author: Ericka English

Illustrator: Chelsea Manak

Rockwall, TX USA

Summary: The Priceless Pact is the story of a young girl who is tormented by bullies. While Michelle doesn’t own the most fashionable clothes or quite understand how to tame her curly hair, her outlook changes when a new student, Elyse, enters her class. Elyse with her unique style and unmistakeable self confidence offers a nonviolent approach to handling bullies. By making a pact with Elyse, to think more highly of herself, Michelle gains confidence and a real friend.

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